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Moreton&EdringtonPORTRAITS_color (113 of 137)Shortly after passing the bar, Robert D. Moreton (“Rob”) accepted a job at a small law firm in Woodbridge, Virginia. Due to space constraints, he shared a workspace with Fenlene H. Edrington (“Fenlene”) until the firm moved to an office large enough to enable most of the firm’s attorneys to have private offices.


While both Rob and Fenlene enjoyed the advantages of having private offices, they soon discovered that they were better attorneys when they worked closely to identify legal problems and to challenge each other’s legal argument. What began as a necessary inconvenience had somehow developed into a collaborative relationship exhibiting the principle that two heads are better than one.


Moreton & Edrington, P.L.C. (“M&E”) was built around this principle of collaborative teamwork. We believe we are at our best when the members of our firm work together. Our firm policies and practices are designed to foster this cooperative approach to resolving of legal solutions.



Robert D. Moreton

Robert D. Moreton

Fenlene H. Edrington

Fenlene H. EdringtonĀ